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Tennis Court Cleaning Melbourne / Play ground pressure wash cleaning Melbourne

Tennis court care includes cleaning as a crucial component. Our staff will clear the dirt and debris, including moss and algae, to create a playable and safe court.

Your tennis court will appear freshly painted and brand new after pressure cleaning. But only use pressure cleaning if you have the skills to do it correctly. You mustn't apply full pressure to avoid damaging your court's coatings or leaving marks. It is preferable to repeatedly wash with low pressure.

Power wash Tennis Court Cleaning Melbourne adopt thorough cleaning procedures maintain sensitivity to the demands of the tennis court while using a successful and effective approach. Before we use the latest technology pressure washer to achieve exact and effective cleaning results, a "patch test" will be conducted to determine the individual requirements of each court.

Our Method For Cleaning Tennis Courts

  • To establish the appropriate pressure for each surface, the patch test will be finished on one side of the court. An expert floor cleaner of Tennis Court Cleaning Melbourne will sweep the whole tennis court.

  • Two revolving heads on the cleaner effectively supply water to the surface. This guarantees that any debris, moss, algae, or dirt is entirely removed and that the court's pores are properly cleaned; the procedure also reaches any difficult-to-reach spores.Then, using a revolving nozzle as well as a fan nozzle, jet-washing is used to remove the dislodged particles. The cleaning crew will make use of an appropriate nozzle that was set up in the test patch.

  • After that, the court will have a professional-grade moss treatment.

Benefts of Frequently Cleaning Tennis Courts

  • Maintaining your court regularly regularly will help you prevent major problems down the road. This fantastic recreational amenity will become even more valuable with a well-maintained tennis court. We can ensure a clean playground through our Play ground pressure wash cleaning Melbourne.

  • A pristine tennis court provides a safer playing surface since it is devoid of debris, filth, and grime that might potentially result in slip/trip risks or accidents.

  • A tidy tennis court is more aesthetically beautiful and provides players with a more engaged environment.

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